Q1:  Are your pieces for sale?

Yes they are.  If you see something you’d like to own make an offer in the “leave a comment” box below the piece you’re interested in and that will initiate the negotiations.  Scary, I know.  We’ll work to arrive at a price that we both can be happy with (you’ll have a unique piece, and I’ll be fairly compensated for my supplies and labor).

Q2:  How much do your pieces cost?

See Q1 above.

Q3: How come your pieces don’t have prices on them?

I’m an idealist.  I’m expecting others to be as enchanted with the piece as I am.  I’m trying to capture something in these pieces and I hope you see it and it captures you.  I’m much less motivated to sell a piece than I am to make a piece, but selling pieces keeps me in the making business.  If you see a piece you’d like to own I’d be thrilled.  Leave a comment or send me a note.  And keep in mind that sometimes things are so valuable that they can only be given away.

Q4:  Do you do custom work?

No.  I will do commissioned pieces, however.

Q5: Do you do repair work?


Q6:  Are these your designs?

Yes, each of them.  Enjoy them, but don’t steal them.  I own the copy rights for each.

Q7:  Are your pieces handmade?

Oh yes, with the exception of most chains.  I’ve been doing this long enough that I reclaim the dust and scraps into ingots which I press into sheets and draw into wire.  Some of the stones I purchase shaped, others I do myself.  The bone and fossilized ivory I carve and turn.

Q8:  Isn’t it illegal to sell ivory?

Not if it’s fossilized.  The species that produced what became fossilized are now extinct so there is no protection necessary for them.  Modern elephants should be protected, and recent ivory should not be bought and sold.



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