welcome to the rosebud arts gallery!

In this site you’ll find a variety of posts which are photos and descriptions of jewelry pieces I’ve made.  It is best not to think of this site as a blog, but as a gallery, or perhaps a catalogue of sorts.  The order of the postings is somewhat arbitrary.  Don’t let the dates fool you into thinking “newer is fresher.”  I have a backlog that I need to catch up on, and then I’ll be adding pieces as they are made.  Think of the dates more like numbered pages in a catalogue.

I have been making jewelry since I was in high school (that is some time ago).  I enjoy the process of idea, design, problem solving, the steps in fabrication and completion.  I haven’t tried very hard to sell the pieces.  In my case that would detract me from the reason I make these pieces.  I do feel tremendous satisfaction when others respond to the pieces I’ve made, and I have given away and sold many.

I’ve set up this site as a place where I can direct interested people to view my work.  I hope you enjoy it.  And if you see something you’d like to own, drop me a note in the comment section.

8 thoughts on “welcome to the rosebud arts gallery!

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  1. Dear Mr. Schultzki,
    I am very interested in purchasing the silver belt buckle shown in your Christmas catalogue, if it is still available.
    I AM very uncomfortable with this bargaining procedure. That is why I can’t go to garage sales, the idea of offering too little or too much money makes me nervous and I begin to sweat profusely. I find it a most unpleasant experience!
    I do like so many of your pieces, and would love to give my husband the silver buckle, if it is still available, for Christmas. I do hope perhaps you could make an exception this once and just provide me what you consider a fair price for your beautiful work. If my pocketbook is healthy enough, I will gladly pay you and avoid that nervous sweaty condition.
    And since we are getting closer to Christmas, perhaps you could hurry with that information.
    Kathrine R Walters

  2. Dear Ms. Katarina Watters:

    Unfortunately the belt is no longer available and even more unfortunater is that I cannot fabricated another in time for Christmas (oh that I had a workshop full of elves). But perhaps you will commission me to make one for Laury for a future gift-giving event? You sound like a nice person so I will not make you go through the scary negotiating process in that future.

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