serpent brooch

Fabricated Sterling. Approximately 2×1 inches.
The reverse highlighting the pin back. 

Another view. 


the last pumpkins of the season

Enjoy! Sterling and copper. Approximately 1 inch.

Two more happy jack-o’-lantern faces. 

Copper in Sterling. Approximately 1 inch.

One goes to Arkansas City, Kansas. The other, St. Louis, Missouri. Request yours while you still have a chance!

jack-o-lantern pendants

Copper and Sterling. Just under an inch each. 

The copper sheets these are cut from I’ve had for more than 40 years. My father reclaimed the copper from a construction site he was working. Over the years I’ve used the copper for a variety of projects. These pendants seemed a good use also. Through time, the copper will patinate (tarnish) giving them an oranger glow.  Happy Halloween,