about rosebud arts

This site is the place where I post photos and descriptions of the jewelry I make.  It will eventually become a catalogue of sorts.

I make these objects because I enjoy making them.  I embrace the the process.  I want to make these objects, I need to make these objects.  And I feel profoundly satisfied when someone else appreciates them.

Some years ago I had a collection of mine on display at an art gallery on a university campus in southern California.  I was asked to write an artist’s statement.  This is how I described the items in the collection:

“Drawing on my family history and my experiences as a professional anthropologist, this jewelry collection represents an exploration of identity. The production of this work has been a dialogue with my relations. I have made conscious use of elements from my heritage (personal as well as familial), borrowing from a variety of sensibilities–Saxon, Celtic, Viking, Roman, Germanic, Navajo, Seminole, Japanese and Christian liturgical–while trying to avoid the expected repertoire of symbols. I enjoy the immediacy of the materials, how silver and gold respond to pounding and polishing, and I am excited to see the forms and shapes appear as I work. The collection is, as are each of us, an ongoing interplay of past and present, a continuous clarification of that base that makes us who we are.”

That still works pretty well.

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