creation’s dream vii

The series continues. Cuddle fish bone cast Sterling, with 24 karat gold embellishment. Several Raw, yellow diamonds, and a raw Sapphire. This one looks as good from the back as it does from the front.

Below is the front lit view.  This image shows the gold-colored oxidation.  Unplanned, but I like it.

creation’s dream

After the work with the Mongolian crystals I got a little more intentional about the raw, primordial look the rough stones provide. Here is the first of the series. I have embedded five raw diamonds in Sterling. The process is to make a mold from cuttlefish bone, set the stones in place, then fill the mold with molten Sterling. The results are largely unpredictable. I’m enjoying the “becoming” aspect of the piece.

wedding band

Forged from Sterling silver.
The ring has a nice heft to it. This is done in Sterling, but it could readily be transferred to gold.

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