Dutch coffee spoon

Fabricated Sterling. Approximately 5 inches.

This one is pretty straightforward with the exception of the reticulated silver on the bowl.

The inside of the bowl has a little reticulation, but most of it was removed in the polishing.

That text is visible on this one.

It’s nicely dimpled.

Dutch coffee spoon (the six grandfathers)

Fabricated Sterling and 14k gold. Approximately 4 inches.

Another coffee spoon (see the earlier posts for the story). This one is symbolic. The four rings represent the cardinal directions; the top is the One above (the top of the handle with the gold of glory within); and the bowl represents One below (earth). A nice way to begin the day.

Dutch coffee spoon

Fabricated Sterling. 5 1/2 inches.  Another version of the classic Dutch coffee spoon.


Reverse.  Highlighting the bowl and the benchmark.

One more look.

Dutch coffee spoons

Dutch coffee spoons, fabricated Sterling and 14k gold, approximately 5 1/2 inches.

These are the latest addition to the Dutch coffee spoon collection.  They are meant to be “everyday” spoons, unique to the individual, and part of the morning routine.

The detail on the left shows the “vine” embellishment of one and the bowl of the other.  On the right is the opposite end of each.  This end is embellished with a 14 gold knob.

The reverse of both.

matte finish coffee spoon


Fabricated Sterling. Approx. 6 inches.

This spoon has a matte finish. The reverse of the bowl shows the forging hammer marks. A riveted bail is attached to the end loop. It doesn’t really do anything, I just like the movement.

Here is the reverse:


Some details, both ends, front and back:





coffee spoon



Fabricated Sterling and 14k gold.  Approx. 5 inches.

This is meant to be an “everyday” spoon, unique to the individual, and part of the morning routine.  The bowl is polished on the front, and the forging marks remain on the reverse.  The bowl is nestled in a square wire frame formed so the corner, rather than the side, of the wire meets.  The end features a heavy, forged square with a 14k gold embellishment in its center.

IMG_8012 IMG_8010 IMG_8009


IMG_8016 IMG_8015 IMG_8014


t spoon


Fabricated Sterling.  Approx. 7 1/2 inches.

The bowl is forged and I left the hammer marks as texture.  The square wire handle twists tighter as it approaches the t end.

IMG_8027IMG_8032 IMG_8029

Details of the bowl, the t end, and the reverse of the bowl.

IMG_8025 IMG_8037     IMG_8038

A few more angles highlighting scale and proportion.  It’s long enough to use in a tumbler.

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