“Unnecessary Complications” Tea Light Candle Holder


Fabricated and cast Sterling, copper, commercial chain.  Approx. 10 inches.

This one has been a long time coming.  I looked up my sketch and see it was dated May, 2011.



It’s been mostly finished for awhile, but after showing it to my friend this last week I was inspired to finish it.

It weighs a little over 5 oz.  Ridiculous, I know.  When I had it roughed out, a high school-aged neighbor (on the edge of Steam Punking) asked me why I didn’t make it out of brass.  “Is it because it’s too expensive?” she queried.

Here are some detailed images:


There are three pulleys.  The wheels are copper and were turned on a bench lathe.  The rest is fabricated Sterling (except for the commercial chain).  The counter weight is solid Sterling and cast.  It can be moved forward or back to balance the burning candles.  The lower arm swings back and forth, and a three link chain holds it at a hinge.




Let me know what you think.

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