articulated crosses

Fabricated Sterling.  Approximately 1 1/2 inches.

This pair of crosses was commissioned for a confirmand and sponsor.  They’re a variation of some I’ve done previously.  These are smaller, and with a little difference in emphasis.

This shows one of the crosses with a chain.

These articulate for movement.

chi rho wall cross

Sterling.  Approx. 4 inches.

The sheet stock that makes up the bulk of the form is reclaimed Sterling and hand-milled to a thickness of 22 gauge.  The cross-piece is 10 gauge wire.

A variant of the Chi Rho (see the July 4 post below).  This will also be a wedding gift for a Christian family.

How it looks hanging on our wall.

Detail showing the join.Still on the bench.  The ruler might give you an idea of the scale.

chi rho

Sterling.  Approx. 3.5 inches.

The Chi Rho is an ancient symbol of the person Christ.  It is a monogram formed with the first two Greek letters of the name Christ, a chi and a rho.   This particular one is a wall cross designed and constructed for our godson and his new wife on the occasion of their wedding.  It’s made of a single strip of Sterling silver.  The whole has been patinated with only the surface polished.  I was going for a bold type-face look.

Christmas Catalogues

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Merry Christmas!

Silver Cross with Citrine


This heavy Greek, or Morning Star, cross is fabricated silver. The cross itself is just over an inch long, with the complete piece being just under 2 inches. The citrine stone is set in a silver bezel, with a thin disk of 14k gold behind it for a bit more reflectivity.

The double bail was a different take for me. I think it works. The piece is relatively small, and heavy. The citrine cabochon is only 4mm. I think it is the smallest bezel set I’ve done.


A few more views. It’s mostly what I had in mind.


Amethyst Cruciform


A cruciform brooch made of Sterling (about 2 1/2 inches) with an amethyst bead as a crown/foot.  The center hinged pin pivots for attachment.

Serpent Crosses

Sterling pole cross and copper serpent. Approx. 6 inches.
The clasp for the chain.
Sterling pole cross and copper serpent, 14k gold bail. This one is pretty stout.  Approx. 7 1/4 inches.
Sterling Tau cross and copper serpent. Approx. 6 inches.

“Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness [Numbers 21:8], so the Son of Man will be lifted up, that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him” (John 3:14).

The Hebrew word translated as “bronze” includes in its meaning “copper.”

IMG_7138 IMG_7156 IMG_7136 IMG_7155

Articulated Cross


This one was a lot of fun.  It’s about 2 inches long, Sterling.  The arms of the cross are hollow with a rivet going through end-to-end.  The foot swings from it. The two images below highlight the articulation.

I’ll eventually post an “evolution” of the design, but this is the final version.


Here is a smaller variant.  It’s less than 1 and 1/2 inches long.  The nimbus is even more asymmetrical, and I left the rivet ends visible.

IMG_6783 IMG_6782

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