belt buckle


Forged Sterling (1.48 oz).  The tongue is 2″ long.  The buckle fits a 1 1/8 belt.


The buckle will be attached to the belt with the rivet going through the tongue.  The excess will be trimmed off then.  The loop at the top end of the rivet will stay.  Kind of weird, I know.  But I like the looks.


This is the loop on the rivet that will stay.  When the belt is worn, this loop will be at the top.


The reverse.


The dimension is more visible on this view.  It’s substantial.


Another angle.


One last view.  If you’d like it, send me the belt you’d wear it on and I’ll attach it.  If the loopy rivet it too far out there for you I can replace it with a more standard, plain one (see the post from June 20).  $225.

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