sleeping beauty turquoise pendant


Another variant of the turquoise shadow box theme.  This one is a little larger, and lighter (22g silver) than my previous versions (see the June 19 post below for one other).  This one is just under  1 1/4″ in diameter, and with the bail it’s just over 1 3/4 inches.  The bail articulates on a long rivet (going through the tube at the top of the disk).


The turquoise is especially fun on this one.  It’s a 9mm round cabochon of Sleeping Beauty turquoise.  The Sleeping Beauty turquoise comes only from a single mine in Arizona and is known for its vibrant sky blue color and absence of veining or webbing.  The stone used for this piece is in its natural form–no stabilization or dying.  It’s been sitting in storage since it was mined and cut during the 1970s.  I was pleased to build a setting around it.


This image shows the color and shape well.  A bit of the bail articulation is also visible.


The reverse.  It’s domed with the same radius as the front.


Two more views highlighting the dimension.


Here’s where it looks best.

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