“To the Four Corners” Pectoral Cross


This pectoral cross is pretty massive.  It is about 3 1/2 inches across and is made of 16g Sterling sheet. The center section is 14k gold, also 16g.  Gold rivets hold the piece together.

This is a variant of an older design (yours, Josh) with a few modifications.  The Greek cross (all arms of equal length), textured to represent the wood of the cross, can also be seen as the Morning Star/Four Directions symbol of the Pawnee and others.  I was thinking of the “go therefore” of the Great Commission (go to all directions and places).  This cross overlays a disk representing the whole world.  The gold nimbus center represents the glory of God, and when looking into it, the viewer sees himself reflected in it.   An edifying interpretation.  The four gold rivets that hold the piece together can be taken as the traditional “four wounds” of passion.

Here is an alternate view:



This is the older variant (texture and size are different):


It was sold for $424 to be given as an ordination present.


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